Je‘he Ulrich

Je‘he Ulrich has dedicated his life to the healing path since he was young. With 22 years he became a massage therapist, later with 26 years a licensed naturopath and psychological counselor. Qualifications in Acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese Medicine, hypnotherapy, EMDR and other holistic modalities led him to practice as a psychosomatic practitioner since 2013.

It was through his own struggles to heal emotionally and bodily, break out of self-deceit, self-destructive patterns and masks, that creates the base of working with others.

His course of therapeutic work has led him to have a strong base with emotional healing, specialised on trauma. Since 2023 he is a certified breathwork facilitator. Je’he Ulrich is based in Central Portugal.
"We are all messed up actually. So let's be messed up together! The magic of healing comes from here, where we are right now."
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Cleolenzea Rose

Cleolenzea Rose has been a performance artist since 1996.  In 2008 she wanted to commit suicide and went into an intense group therapy.  The transformation motivated her to become a movement and dance therapist.  Her interest in moving energy led her to discover subtle movement from within....the Craniosacral System and founded "Intrinsic Flow".  Through the practice of Yoga and connecting to her Craniosacral Liquid she could intuit how to stretch and how to move her body to relieve her of pain and emotions.  Cleolenzea Rose loves to work with different styles of music which motivate different forms of movement and emotions.  In 2011 she went to Iceland to assist a 3 week spiritual retreat and was introduced to floating, connecting to the element of water, a way to embrace one's emotions through rebirthing.  In 2016, while living in Hawaii, she had the opportunity to work with this method with autistic adults and recreated it and now calls it "Aquatic Journeys".  This year, after healing another deep layer of sexual abuse she decided to create a new journey dedicated to "Healing the Sensual Self".  Lenzea's (short form) artistic qualities transfigured into holistic creative events....Performance Art for Self-Healing, Ecstatic Dance and Sound Journeys.  She has been a Holistic Somatic Therapist and Facilitator since 2009.  Certified Holistic Psychological Counselor, Transformational Hatha Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist and Wellness-Massage Therapist.  Trained in Mind-Body Centering, Movement and Dance, Sound Healing.

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