an interactive healing retreat concept for inner freedom and empowerment

the Retreat involves...

Both day retreats and the longer retreats have the same core elements. In the day retreats this will be more compressed and less personal, but still deep and with a lot of transformational potential.


At the core of the retreats are four aspects:

  1. somatic practices to experience, identify, access and release stuck emotional energies (often associated with trauma and core limiting beliefs), to resource our immense creative potential
  2. authentic relating games and practices to get access to our masks and blind spots in a playful way, with care, connection, curiosity and compassion. 
  3. meditation and sound bath
  4. celebration, getting wild with ecstatic dance, and creating ceremonies of renewal

the Loloma retreat supports intentions LIKE...

  • to be authentic
  • establishing a stronger base within yourself
  • clarity in life
  • connecting with others on a deeper level
  • to create a space of care, freedom, trust and vulnerability
  • to heal the masculine and feminine within yourself
  • establishing love & synergy
  • timeout from everyday life that allows you to work on yourself
  • unlocking your intuition and creative flow
  • new strength
  • deeper levels of joy
  • healing the inner child 

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If you currently suffer from a psychosis, are suicidal, are on subscribed psychiatric medication, are dealing with a severe addiction or otherwise require professional psychiatric care, we will  not be able to accommodate your specific needs at the retreat.The retreat does not serve as a substitute for medical care in any way.