an interactive healing retreat concept for inner freedom and empowerment

A retreat to bring us into presence...


When we allow ourselves simply to feel more deeply, in a consensus group, without effort we already reveal and unmask so much of our distorted scripts of interpersonal dilemmas, to now be rewritten into stories of care, universality and connection.

A transformational retreat experience...


Together we create a field wherein we can each grow into our unique beauty and authentic self, dropping the masks, shedding the armouring and transforming pains of the soul into jewels of embodied love and truth.


The Loloma Gathering

an affordable weekender to unwind and connect in a different way, and an opportunity to learn to know the work of Lenzea and Je'he

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Upcoming Retreats and Gatherings 2024:

the Loloma retreat supports intentions LIKE...

  • to be authentic
  • establishing a stronger, loving base within yourself
  • healing the inner child 
  • connecting with others on a deeper level
  • to create a space of care, freedom, trust and vulnerability
  • timeout from everyday life that allows you to “work” on yourself
  • unlocking your intuition and creative flow
  • finding new strength and inner clarity

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If you currently suffer from a psychosis, are suicidal, are on subscribed psychiatric medication, are dealing with a severe addiction or otherwise require professional psychiatric care, we will  not be able to accommodate your specific needs at the retreat.The retreat does not serve as a substitute for medical care in any way.