LOLOMA retreats

5-8 September 2024
3-6 October 2024
Freixial do Campo, Castelo Branco, Portugal

In the Loloma 4-day retreat we create a magical and profound time together, where we explore the uncharted waters inside ourselves.

✨Exploring shadows, sensitizing ourselves to the subtleties of the unseen persona, unmasking, oscillating in metamorphosis.

✨Meandering back into the ocean of True Self through Authentic Movement, Expression & Voice Activation, Transformational Breathwork, Somato Emotional Release, and Yoga. In celebration we sail in the winds of liberation with Soul Dance (DJ and sound system).

✨Sacred Creativity, as well as sound journeys and ceremony time is how we end the days for sweet integration.

We are excited for a transformational group experience!

More Info and Registration for 5-8 September 2024 (coming soon)

More Info and Registration for 3-6 October 2024 (coming soon)

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