Dance to Free your Mind, Body & Soul

Preparation for a Dance Journey
30 to 90 minutes
A guided journey that begins with mindful breathing, if time allows...Yoga, listening to your inner rhythm then flowing into movement from head to toe.  We will practice emotional-theatrical somatic movement and authentic expression, leaving you prepared to intuitively express yourself through a Soul Dance similar to an Ecstatic Dance.


Dance to Free your Mind, Body & Soul
60 to 120 minutes
Soul Dancing is a free form of dance to let go of the chattering mind, physical and emotional pain. This is a natural way to shift your momentary circumstance into a meditative, happy state of mind through body movement.
no talking
no shoes
phones are off
honor yourself and others
no judgement
dance for yourself
ask permission with your eyes to dance with someone
you can:
be still, dance on the floor, sing, scream, jump, leave the space, be authentic, be free...


Music Genre:
Many!  Have no expectations.  Music that you may not like can offer you the opportunity to let frustation go :)  In general music selections are chosen to make you go into certain moods and of course to go wild and free yourself! :D