Conscious Connected Breath

Breathwork increases resilience and resourcefulness in daily life, as it creates a state of harmony and alignment in the body-mind system.

Conscious Connected Breath is a transformational breathwork that initiates an opening up of the unconscious, and thereby creating an altered state of consciousness. It is a somatic way of working with emotions, trauma, and limiting beliefs, in that it allows the intelligence of the body to take over and bring about release and transformation. Yet as a breather you are in control over the experience, which makes it a very safe space of trance and healing.

The breath opens us up to the vast sea of energy within the unconscious realms, and gives us the opportunity to work through, release and integrate whatever surfaces. It opens up the chest and softens the armouring of the heart.

Through Conscious Breathwork we are releasing “emotional dust” and blockages from deep within, and the best part is that we don’t need to know what is coming up, or try to figure it out. All we need is to be open to the feelings and to finally give them voice and permission to exist. There is no way of doing this wrong and your body knows exactly how to do this.

excerpt from The Myth of Normal - Dr. Gabor Maté:
“All trauma is preverbal” the psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk has written. His statement is true in two senses. First, the psychic wounds we sustain are often inflicted upon us before our brain is capable of formulating any kind of a verbal narrative. Second, even after we become language-endowed, some wounds are imprinted on regions of our nervous system having nothing to do with language or concept; this includes brain areas, of course, but the rest of the body, too. They are stored in parts of us that words and thoughts cannot directly access – we might even call this level of traumatic encoding “subverbal”. As Peter Levine explains: “Conscious, explicit memory is only the preverbal tip of a very deep and mighty iceberg. It barely hints at the submerged strata of primal implicit experience that moves us in a way the conscious mind can I my begin to imagine.”