Reviews about our work


Lenzea approached our session with a truth and clarity that gave me the feeling of safety I needed to allow my body to release trauma, grief and to feel balanced. She gave me both the quality of her body wisdom but also shared time, words and insights that I worked with in reflection long after our session together, gratidão 🙏 
- Victoria Black

The transformational breathwork with Jehe has been incredible, a really intense experience which brought me in touch with some deep and stuck emotions. He's really gifted with making people feel in a safe space, supported during the process and relieved after it and I would recommend it to everyone looking to heal from traumas or bad stuck emotions. Thank you!

– Denise Nava

A treatment with Lenzea is guaranteed to detach your conscious mind and allow your body to reset itself on a profound level. Every time I have a treatment with her I decide I’m going to stay awake and observe the process, but I never manage to do so! In fact Lenzea herself sees sleep and snoring as a goal attained, as it shows her client has reached ultimate relaxation. I always wake alert, refreshed and energised.

Over the course of a year I’ve had several treatments with Lenzea and have seen how she commits totally to her clients and effortlessly builds up a comfortable rapport leading to a fulfilling working, almost collaborative relationship. She works on several levels - physically, emotionally and energetically and is guided by intuition during the treatment (which means she might well spend 35 minutes on your calves if she feels they need it..). Working with Lenzea is a very relaxing, at times intense and ultimately transformative experience!

Lenzea has also treated my 18 month old twin boys over several sessions and has helped one of them with a neck and shoulder imbalance to balance himself and to be less anxious. They love spending time with her and she has patiently built up a great rapport with them and shows great tact, consideration and care when she treats them - both whilst they are sleeping and also awake. We all love her visits and look forward to them greatly.

- Hannah Borno

Je'he is a man of great integrity and a skilled therapist. He has a lot of different skills and approaches in his toolbox. Above all, he is gentle and empathetic, but when it comes down to it, he can also be firm. If you are struggling with personal issues, physical, mental, I highly recommend him. 

– Hugo Mendes


Lenzea has a powerful and peaceful presence and holds an empowering and expansive space for your entire being to relax into her holding. In my sessions I was able to release stored emotion and process deeper feelings and to have Lenzea’s support for my daughter to fully arrive and process changes in our environment was so nourishing. Thank you Lenzea 

– Alora & Anastasia


Jehe is so full of interesting knowledge, such a good book to meet. He has taught me so much that I wish I could remember better… I appreciate his precision in explaining the bodies and the plants so well. Sacred knowledge if you ask me.

He too has led me into and through emotional states that where waiting for me to be seen. 


I have participated in only one of his breath work sessions… and even though what came up in that 1h30 was bound to show it’s self some day, he was the one who provided the space in which I could reach that point of recognising death and rebirth within myself while it was happening not after. I never in my life was filled with so much fucking true love and life …. Like a big golden gong echoing from my body as a lie on a white lake of clarity.

– Lilo Wanda Rivera


I worked with Lenzea since more than one year now and I really enjoyed it. I used to "hate" yoga because it was, for me, too hard and I was thinking that you have to be strong and already really flexible. But, I realized with her that it was not true at all and now, i'm more flexible. But also I feel how to release my body's tension and I am more in touch with my body's emotions.

– Mélody


I am a woman of 63 years young...I have been in therapy since I was 34 years old because I thought it was important, as well as necessary, to develop my authentic self and to be authentic in life. I recently met Urich in a personal session as well as in a breathing circle. Both in a 1 on 1 session and in a group, he exudes certainty and confidence. I like his genuineness and authenticity as well as his professionalism. Being a young therapist, he knows very well how to put down his passion in humility and gratitude. He also dares to question himself and also dares to open up vulnerable. And that to me is a good therapist. He is both teacher and student. I am very grateful that I got to know him.

- Catherine Delneste



 Working with Cleolenzea changed my life in ways I never believed was possible. 

Through regularly working closely with such an amazing teacher for over a year I was able to explore many avenues of darkness and lightness within my being; with so much encouragement and support in facing my fears and my inner demons. I learnt to dive to the depths and learn many truths about myself and how i function in this world. 

Cleolenzea has a very unique way of holding space which allows so much honesty and connection. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with such a teacher and I feel that our souls will forever be tightly interwoven, regardless of the distance between us or the regularity of our communication. 

So much love.

- Jordan McConkey


"I feel incredibly grateful to have met Je'He. You can feel how much love goes into his work, and how much he cares. 

He provides a comfortable and safe space for his sessions and I've gained immensely valuable insights by working with him."

– Marissa Verhoeven


I met Lenzea almost two years ago but I remember her as it was yesterday. 

The first yoga class I took with her led me to an unexpected path of creativity, self expression, and connection with my inner child. I could cry again and reveal to myself some hidden needs from the past. Thank you so much for your presence and support since then.

– Nora


The breathwork session was powerful - it allowed me to connect to my heart intuition and my subconscious desires and emotions. I felt rejuvenated, present, and clear. 

- Teddy


I know Lenzea as an enthusiastic, open-hearted yoga teacher. I like her classes in which she seems to intuitively know what is needed and appropriate for the participants.  

- Hugo


The Power of Being Gentle

There’s nothing more gentle than prana. The subtle inhale and exhale caress the corners of the body, inviting this life force to travel within your physical vessel. It allows you to relax, let go of control and simply feel the sensations of the inner winds.

Je’he is precisely a reflection of all that — his kind presence and soft voice allow you to feel safe and therefore confident to dive into and explore new worlds within you. You feel energetically held by his compassion and empathy. 

And there’s nothing more powerful than that. Suddenly what was once a small breeze turns into a powerful wind and you find yourself in the eye of the storm, feeling all the repressed emotions that were once tucked away in those corners of the body and that are now being shaken up and brought to your attention. And you keep breathing and things continue to come up, spiralling up, so they can come out, the breath being both the anchor to the present moment and the alchemy to a new reality.  

And then — silence. Everything is moving at a slower pace. The winds seems long gone but if you look closely, the prana continues to move (_it_ self and _your_ self), gently, subtly. You ear the birds laughing at the distance and see the leaves slowly dancing. You feel the butterflies fill all your body and you stop feeling the limits of your body. You transcend the physical realm and become the life force itself.

Working with the breath, specially when you are invited to move with it in such a compassionate way, is super transformative, because it reminds you of the essence of life. You are now different, yet the same as you have always been and always will be — pure love. Welcome home.

- Rita Gonçalves


 I worked with Lenzea for a few months. I attended her yoga and movement therapy classes. I started with yoga initially, and I really liked her teaching style that encourages us to listen to ourselves and our bodies.

I then decided to join her movement therapy classes, which was truly healing for me. It helped me reconnect with my body and allowed my emotions to express themselves on a deeper level. Lenzea has the gift of sensing people and guiding us to introspection, sometimes in a challenging way and sometimes in a very nurturing way.

I also had the chance to participate in one of her ecstatic dances which I really enjoyed. She has a real knack for selecting songs that speak to our souls. 

- Lucas


Je’he held the space in a very clear way which created the safety to go deep. I felt held and supported throughout, and after my journey. 

 I really reccomend his work to anyone wanting to explore breathwork.

- Lua Maria 


I think everyone who knows me knows that I recommend Cleolenzea’s work!

I got the beautiful blessing of spending a lot of time with her… time full of self reflection, development and self embodiment.

Hard to capture how much I have received from every course or deep moment with her, without showing my feelings through gestures. But here goes ~

I have grown so much through her honest words and daring motivation to go where you start shaking.

Her way of holding space comes so naturally and her ideas so intuitively.

Holding her presence as truthful to herself as she can, not some untouchable figure that has nothing to do with it all, but is going through the processes becoming the rhythm, guiding with the heart drum, watching each unique presence with open eyes. 

I did so many different things with her but for me the two outstanding things she does / teaches are : 

⁃ dance ( performing dance in a way where you are really not performing anymore but working on and expressing loud and silent emotions that are present for you, moving brutally present and beautiful with the help of variables of different dance introductions ) 

⁃ Craniosacral ( her gift of slow flow and intuition are the perfect composition for this kind of work, It goes deep for me every time and shows me many little corners of myself connecting physical, emotional and energetic and mind in a conscious form. ) 

- Lilo


Je'he is very gentle and kind on his approach, a skilled therapist. I recommend his wonderful work.

- Maria João


Ich kann ehrlich sagen, dass ich nicht weiß, was mit mir, meinem Körper und meinem Leben geschehen wäre, wenn ich mich nicht in die Hände von Cleolenza begeben hätte.
Mein Gesundheitszustand ließ 2015 zu wünschen übrig. Ich rauchte, trank Alkohol und ernährte mich ausschließlich von Lebensmitteln, welche mit Leben wirklich nichts zu tun hatten. Hinzu kam, dass mehr als 1 Duzent Menschen aus meinem Freundes und Familienkreis innerhalb von 3 Jahren gestorben sind . Mein Leben erschien mir sinnlos und mein Körper schmerzte und meine Beweglichkeit war enorm eingeschränkt.
Ich schrieb Loloma eine E-Mail, teilt meine Verzweiflung mit und bat um einen Termin.
Cleolenza und ihr Mann Jehe (Loloma) nahmen sich sofort meiner an und erstellten einen Behandlungsplan.
Von Einzelgespräche zu Bachblüten über Lomi Lomi Massagen, emotionale Befreiung, Akupunkttur und EMDR (Traumatherapie), Kraniosakral, Tanztherapie, Selbstmassagen und Ernährungsumstellung und vielem mehr, kam ich immer mehr in meine Heilung und konnte mit dem gelernten allein arbeiten, um ganzheitlich immer mehr in die Heilung zu kommen.
Es war und ist meines Erachtens ein Geschenk des Himmels, dass ich mich in die Hände von Cleolenza und Jehe begeben habe und bin dankbar dafür.
Danke, danke, dafür, dass ich so viel lernen durfte und immer noch auf das Wissen, welches mir vermittelt wurde, zurückgreifen kann und die Verbindung/Verbundenheit bis heute besteht.
In tiefer Dankbarkeit und Liebe