somato Emotional Release

A Cranialsacral Rhythm Understanding and Biomechanical  Approach

to personal realization and/or emotional processing

What is Somato Emotional Release?
Somato Emotional Release is a Cranialsacral Rhythm understanding and biomechanical approach.  When I examine a body through subtle touch and follow where it wants me to go, where the body signals me to  stay….I encounter a stagnation, a blockage, a fear, a trauma.  When I acknowledge precisely that area that needs attention, I am encountered with an unresolved emotional bodily trauma.  These emotional traumas or stagnating points of the body can be found within the head, the limbs, the torso, the feet….all regions of the body.  These blockages or what Upledger also calls “Energy Cysts” may have been caused from accidents, your birth and/or traumas experienced through your life.  Many times, when a release comes forth, it comes with feelings of anger, sadness, vulnerability and sometimes even laughter.  In some cases, releases will be kicking, shaking, screaming or other forms of physical release.  When we go into aithentic movement and dance sessions, I follow the participants cranial sacral flow and when I feel they are not in sync with their movements, I ask them to stop and to react or move to my touch through impulses that I receive from their body. The result is either a personal realization and/or an emotional process.  When we truly follow the way into and out of our emotional or physical pain, we can experience a release or a relief.

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